Story Time With Bree: Chapter 1

We’re about two weeks removed from Cam Newton‘s idiotic comment to a female reporter who was simply doing her job, but it’s still quite the hot topic. Although he apologized (only after losing sponsorships), don’t expect me to get over it right away.

I’ve seen people on all social media platforms and of all different social ranks saying the people who are offended by a “misunderstood joke” are “soft” and to that I say, shut up. It’s not easy to be a woman in a man’s profession, and when that profession is sports, it’s even more difficult. Just because we’re females, it’s almost as if we aren’t allowed to know anything about sports. As if it’s demeaning to men, like, God forbid I know things about this, and potentially – probably – more than you!

As females, our knowledge is always tested as if we have to prove anything. Don’t believe me? Last night, as I was waiting to close out my tab at the bar, a guy made a comment about my Red Sox bracelet. “Oh, you like baseball?” Having never seen this guy in my life, I didn’t want to be rude, so I simply replied with a yes and a smile. I thought that was it, but silly me. After a head nod and a laugh, he came at me with: “Really? So how many ways can a runner get on base and what are they?”


My father raised me right, preparing me for situations like these with boneheads like this guy. So at this point, I’m annoyed, but I couldn’t not say respond, because then you know what would happen? My knowledge would be discredited because I didn’t answer this guy; by virtue of not answering, I’d be confirming what this idiot believes, that women don’t know anything about sports. As I signed my receipt, I rolled my eyes and stunned him.

“There are seven ways. Hit, walk, error, hit by pitch, fielder’s choice, catcher interference, dropped strike three.” I thought that would effectively shut him down, but nope. He smiles and says, “Impressive. Now how can I get to first base with you?” NOPE. NO. SEE YA. Pro tip to the fellas out there: do not try to test a girl’s knowledge on something (because you’ve probably ticked her off at this point) AND THEN MAKE A PASS AT HER. Ten out of ten times, it won’t work, trust me.

I’ve never met this guy before, so I can’t bash him completely; he had no clue what he was getting himself into, but still. I don’t think it’s rare anymore for girls to be into sports, so why do we still act like it is? Some of the most successful people in the industry are women. I’m sure they’ve gone through this, and I know this won’t be the last time I do either, but boys, please. I’m begging you. If you’re going to ask a girl if she likes sports, don’t make the follow-up question a degrading pop quiz. Maybe say, “Wow, I think that’s awesome,” and go from there. Chances are she’ll appreciate that way more.


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