Andrew Benintendi Cut His Hair and My Heart Is Broken

The Red Sox season is over, we know that, so that means the hair competition between the Flow Bros (Andrew Benintendi and Brock Holt) is over too. We saw quite the evolution from Benny Baseball in terms of his hair game, watching it grow and become even more glorious throughout the season. Now, like our hopes for a postseason, it’s gone.

Benintendi took to Instagram yesterday sending well wishes to fellow Boston stud Gordon Hayward, and as happy as that made me, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t notice the hair first.

I will say I’m not as sad as I was last year when he cut it ALL off before the playoffs, which although looked good, just was not okay. In terms of the┬ábest hair in baseball, I’ve gone on record saying Benny sits at number one, and I stand by that, even in this difficult time. Until then, all we can do is look at pictures on social media of the former glory that was “Benny’s flow,” and wait until spring training.

RIP to Benny’s flow 2k17



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