Keep Adding Fuel to the Patriots’ Fire

It’s been quite a freakin’ day in the sports world, and the New England Patriots are at the center of it all yet again. Are you shocked? ESPN writer Seth Wickersham, who is the same writer of the “Deflategate” article for those of you keeping score at home, dropped another bomb on us at one o’clock this morning. Apparently, according to sources in and around the Patriots, Bill, Bob, and Brady are fed up with each other. Stop me if you’ve heard this before…

Now, this is not me giving my personal opinion on the piece and the claims made in it. This is me saying thank you, essentially.

With playoffs officially starting on Saturday, the New England Patriots are heavy favorites to win their sixth Lombardi trophy with a 48.6% chance. We all know when January rolls around, the Patriots play at a completely different level than everyone else, and even better when there’s some sort of controversy. Think about the last two championships the Patriots have won, and what the football world was like then…

2014: Deflategate

The Baltimore Ravens and the Indianapolis Colts fell victim to the Patriots in the divisional and championship rounds, and then we all know what happens next. Air pressure. Freaking air pressure. All the hot takes regarding the “cheatriots” came flying out of peoples mouths and was more important of a subject than the fact the Pats were in the Super Bowl at all. Maybe one day we’ll get Brady to admit the start of this witch hunt contributed to the win, but for now we can just assume.

2016: The Suspension

After the roller coaster ride of Tom Brady’s four game suspension was upheld, and he returned in week 5 against the poor Cleveland Browns, the revenge tour was on. That was the storyline all year. I even had dreams, LITERAL DREAMS, of that no-good Roger Goodell handing over the Lombardi trophy to Tom. We all did. The fifth ring was the sweetest, and I don’t think I need to go into any more detail than that.

2017-18: The Rift

Apparently, the sky is falling at One Patriot Place. Tom forced Jimmy out of town. Bill is sabotaging the organization. Kraft is too infatuated with Brady to make logical decisions… Give me a break. There’s got to be some truth in this article, but everything I’ve read is pointing to bullshit. If you weren’t convinced that (once everyone is back and healthy) will win Super Bowl 52, you have to think so now. Angry Tom and Evil Emperor Bill are on a mission. Even though they hate each other. HA.

Fuel to the fire is all this is. There’s no other way to put it. These are two of the scariest men in all of sports when they’re pissed. You’d think these people would learn by now.


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