The Red Sox Shouldn’t Want JD Martinez

The latest in the neverending, slow-as-molasses, do-nothing off-season is that JD Martinez is reportedly fed up with the Boston Red Sox “inflexibility” in their negotiations, and will hold out until he gets the money he wants and thinks he deserves.

JD Martinez clearly has an overinflated ego the size of the Hood blimp if he thinks he’s worth more than $125 million over five years. He isn’t even worth that, but the Red Sox are a little desperate. It’s a generous offer, one they’ve already upped by more than few millions, and it would be the fifth-most lucrative contract in franchise history. Now, to be fair, it’s not the $210 million over seven years that Martinez and his psycho agent Scott Boras were hoping for. But anyone willing to give him that should have their brain scanned. Actually, Martinez and Boras might want to get their own heads examined, because they’re starting to look like crazier than Jack Nicholson in The Shining. All ego and no class make JD a dull prospect.

I’m going to call it right now: game over. And the season hasn’t even begun! Let’s set aside the fact that, if they don’t sign Martinez, the Red Sox are likely not going to be postseason contenders this season. We need to actually think seriously about who we want on this team. Yes, baseball is about stats and who puts up numbers and wins games, but it’s also about heart, and grit, and work ethic. And a guy who thinks he’s worth the moon when he can’t even get out of the stratosphere is not the kind of ego we need in a clubhouse full of young, impressionable guys.

Martinez had a strong 2017, hitting .303 with 45 home runs and 104 RBIs. But I honestly don’t care that he hit almost twice as many home runs as team leader Mookie Betts last season. If Martinez is already this much of a tool, he’s going to be an unhealthy presence in the clubhouse. And let’s not forget that the Sox already have a resident prick named David Price, who loves to pick fights with Hall of Famers and thinks he deserves $32 million/year to be a relief pitcher. We don’t need an asshole on the mound and another one in the lineup. If Martinez just wants to get paid, we should show him the door and see how the team starts the season. I’d love to see us take him down a peg and watch him and Boras go beg another team to hire him. Martinez doesn’t seem to have picked up on the fact that none of the other teams are even interested in paying him anything remotely close to what Boston is offering.

At this point in the off-season – almost spring training – Boston seems to have cooled on Martinez. We like players who want to be here, and we like players who seem like good guys. After this drawn-out debacle, Martinez hasn’t painted himself as either. He might boost our lineup, but he might also be a Carl Crawford. Or an Adrian Gonzalez. Or God forbid, a Pablo Sandoval. But he’s definitely not a David Ortiz, and let’s not forget that Big Papi never made more than $16 million/season.

Bottom line: if Martinez doesn’t want to be here, I sure as hell don’t want him on my team.


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