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Gabrielle grew up right down the street from Fenway Park. A lifelong Red Sox fan now working in baseball marketing and content creation, she has cheered her team on while living in New York, Israel, California, and now Boston again.  Welcome to Girl At The Game, where sports are covered by women for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to running and writing GATG, Gabrielle’s writing has been featured on Fangraph’s The Hardball Times.

She is also the host of “Locked On Red Sox” on the Locked On Podcast Network.


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The Bradfo Show:
Ep 127: The Marketing of Mookie
Ep 128: What a Difference a Year Makes
Ep 140: Can Baseball Be Salvaged?

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The One With Melanie Newman and the Big Show Girl At The Game

One of MLB's brightest rising stars, MASN broadcaster Melanie Newman, joins the show for a very special and important episode. The gals discuss the latest sexual harassment revelations in MLB and what it's like to experience these behaviors firsthand, and the double standards and difficulties of being a woman in baseball. They also dive into Melanie's journey from the minor leagues to the big show, and what baseball is really like behind the scenes.
  1. The One With Melanie Newman and the Big Show
  2. The One with NESN's Lauren Campbell and Barbie Girl
  3. The One With Martín Pérez and the Super Bowl Halftime Show
  4. The One With Tom Westerholm and Cupcake Wins
  5. The One With the Year In Review

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