What It’s Like Being A Female Fan

It’s not easy being a female sports fan.  In this city that takes its sports so seriously, ironically, it’s hard to be taken seriously.  Most guys don’t believe I go to baseball games for any reason other than to ‘do it for the ‘gram,’ and they’re even more shocked to find out that my baseball knowledge eclipses theirs!

I’m used to being underestimated, and not just when it comes to baseball.  We live in a superficial world, and most guys don’t take me seriously in any setting.  They assume blonde equals dumb, pretty equals simple, or worse, crazy.  So when I can show up a guy with my brains, I’m both proud and happy to prove them wrong.

Sports give us something to root for, an escape from the mundane, harsh reality of everyday life.  In sports, simple actions like hitting and catching a ball feel like heroic moments.  When life gets hard, we need things like sports.  It really shouldn’t matter what gender you are; we should all be able to live in those moments together.

So sorry not sorry about your fragile male egos, boys, but I’m here to stay.  I’ve loved baseball since I was a little girl, but that’s a story for another day.  For now, I’ll be tweeting and watching every game, reading every book, and being a better, smarter fan than any sexist ‘fans’ out there, no matter what gender I am or what I look like.

– Gabrielle

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