Halfway Through This Indians Series, I Still Don’t Know What To Expect From the Sox

Fresh off possibly their worst loss of the season on Monday night, the Red Sox turned it around in a big way on Tuesday, beating the Indians 9-1.  New pitcher Doug Fister pitched a complete game, had six K’s, and held the Indians to just one hit.  Francisco Lindor got one homer off of Fister in the first, but the Indians went 0-25 after that.  It was his fifth complete game of his career and the first in which he only allowed one hit.  As far as I’m concerned, David Price can stay on the DL.

On the offensive, JBJ homered in the fifth and had scored in the seventh.  Eduardo Nuñez, who had disappointingly but predictably plateaued, had a three-run homer and two-run double, a career-high 5 RBIs.  Sandy Leon and Andrew Benintendi both contributed hits and RBIs, further showcasing the batting power this team has, that is, when they choose to use it.

At this point, I’m so confused and surprised by this Red Sox team that I don’t even know what to say.  Sure, we can blame Monday night’s loss on Farrell, who can’t seem to figure out his bullpen to save his life.  There seems to be a new star player almost every week, but little consistency in the long run, which leaves me anxious about the postseason.  It’s clear that the talent is there, both in the bats and the bullpen; so they just need the proper motivation and guidance.  Here’s hoping they figure it out.  The postseason fast approaches.

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