Red Sox Fall to Astros 8-2 AGAIN

No, the title is not a mistake. Yes, this is a new article.

The Red Sox have, in fact, lost to the Astros 8-2 for the second game in a row.  With another lackluster pitching performance, this time by Drew Pomeranz, the Red Sox fell behind 2-0 in the first again, and stayed behind for nine seemingly-endless innings. Even though he threw 48 pitches in the first two innings, Astros pitcher Dallas Keuchel settled in and was dominant, holding the Red Sox to one run over 5 2/3 innings.

Further proving that this team is something out of the Twilight Zone, David Price has been the only good part of this entire series so far. He relieved Carson Smith after just a few pitches, two walks, and one out. Thankfully, Price fared better than the pitchers before him, retiring the side when the Astros had one out and bases loaded. He also was the only pitcher so far to realize that since José Altuve is having a David Ortiz 2013 World Series-esque series, the only way to get around him hitting a million bombs is to intent-walk him. Price did just that and pitched better than his fellow arms to everyone else, throwing well until the 6th, when he allowed two to reach base.

In a ridiculous yet unsurprising turn of events, John Farrell decided that fellow starter Eduardo Rodriguez should take over for David Price. Why? Because apparently using starters as relievers is the new hot trend for teams that suck. Porcello had his fun yesterday, and it was ERod’s turn today. Taking over for Price, he promptly let the Astros double their score in about ten seconds, making the game 8-1 in the 6th. Austin Maddox quickly came in to clean up the carnage, though the game was pretty much decided long before he arrived on the mound. Craig Kimbrel came on in the 8th, which is either stupid if you believe that the Red Sox can win Game 3, or not a waste of our closer, if you consider this series already-lost.

I feel like I’ve been talking pitchers for about as long as this game went on, but I have to mention umpire Angel Hernandez, who seemed to not understand strike zones, causing some strife on both sides. His incompetence was ultimately irrelevant, considering the Red Sox’s poor performance. The only bright spot in the lineup was Jackie Bradley Jr., who had an RBI single in the 2nd and a second RBI at the end of the game, the only two runs of the entire shit show. Dustin Pedroia isn’t running at 100%, Eduardo Nuñez is probably done for the season, and Mookie Betts’ wrist was bothering him, so Rajai Davis took over – so many bad omens. Even with Chris Young coming in to replace Eduardo Nuñez and hitting a double, the Boston bats remained virtually silent, and the total run count is now 16-4 over two games. Jose Altuve & Co. continued to outhit the Boston lineup, who might honestly all be dead. It would explain a lot.

My question is, how the hell do we inject any semblance of fire into this team? Because this kind of unenthusiastic, lazy, uninspired playing might’ve worked when they were playing in an AL East filled with teams even worse than they are, but it sure as hell isn’t working for the postseason. Houston’s team is just plain better, not to mention they are playing for their hurricane-ravaged city. This is their 2013.

Down two games, the series shifts east to Boston, where the Red Sox will have to win three straight in order to move on to the ALCS, presumably against the Cleveland Indians, who have destroyed us all season long. The Indians now have the longest World Series drought, winless since 1948. This is their 2004.

In short: two teams who’ve played better, worked harder, and are striving for more than our Red Sox.

Do you think we can win it? Do you think we deserve to?

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