Red Sox Dismiss Farrell

Well, after a second consecutive ALDS loss, the Red Sox are making changes, and as I predicted, they’re cleaning house from top to bottom, starting with the top man.

After five seasons and one World Series win, John Farrell has been let go. Some will be sorry to see him leave, but I think this club is in desperate need of new blood and a change in leadership. It was especially apparent to me when I witnessed Farrell get himself ejected from Monday’s game in the 2nd inning. It’s not the first time; short-tempered Farrell had numerous altercations with umpires, but this kind of behavior in an elimination game was too ridiculous, even for this team.

In a season mired with PR scandals ranging from the Price/Eck drama to Applegate, it doesn’t surprise me that Farrell’s head is the first to roll. I’m sure a lot of teammates will be gone too, and I’m excited for a little restructuring and rebuilding. Farrell also had so many moments that frustrated me; leaving pitchers in for far too long, turning to the wrong guys in the bullpen, making lineups that made no sense. A lot of this season’s issues could’ve been avoided with simple common sense.

I’m grateful to Farrell for the role he played in the 2013 season; it was a special time for our city, and he deserves credit for helping us heal with a great team. Over five seasons, John Farrell was 432-378 (6th highest), ranked 13th overall with a .533 win percentage. He also served as pitching coach from 2007-2010. Getting to the postseason multiple times is also noteworthy, though not getting past the ALDS is likely a contributing factor in his firing.

I’ve heard talk of Brad Ausmus as a replacement, recently let go from this season’s last-place Detroit Tigers. Former team captain Jason Varitek is likely everyone’s dream pick. I haven’t had enough time to process Monday’s loss, let alone choose my pick for new manager, so I turn to you: who would you like to see heading the 2018 Red Sox?

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