Apparently, Terry Francona is STILL Salty About Getting Fired by the Red Sox

No, I didn’t confuse Tito and Johnny. Yes, I meant Francona and not Farrell.

Today, when asked about the Red Sox letting John Farrell go, Terry Francona decided to take the high road and talk about what a great guy John Farrell is… and also how much Boston sucks to manage and work for. Classy and mature stuff, considering he left in 2011.

Before last night’s Game 5 against the Yankees (don’t even get me started), Francona told reporters, “I talked to Johnny today — I mean, he’s one of my dear friends. … Knowing John, the way I do, he’ll land on his feet and he’ll be in a better position than he was before… There’s just so much passion and so much interest that, with that comes, it can’t help but come with headaches…”

Kind of rude, not what I was expecting from him. But I’m guessing last night didn’t go down the way he was expecting, either.

I get it, we’re a tough city to play for. We’re intense, passionate, some might even say over-involved, but I say those are the attributes that make us the best fans in the world. No one in any other city in this world will root harder, cheer louder, and cry, scream, and die for you. I’m so proud to be a “crazy” Boston fan. I own it, even here in California.

And you know what? Boston is a tough city to live in. Not that it’s not amazing (miss you already, Boston), but the winters are long and dark, the drivers are crazy, and the bars close at 2 AM. Beantown is no cake-walk. It’s no wonder we hold on to our sports like the limited amount of life rafts on the Titanic.

He also felt it necessary to say, “That place is a little crazy.” Crazy? Have you never seen a stalker movie? Don’t you know, Tito? You never call crazy, crazy. Seriously, did you learn NOTHING from your time in Boston?!

He closed out his thoughts on Farrell’s firing by saying, “I just told John, I said, ‘You know, John, a couple years from now, you’ll go back there and they’ll love you.’”

I wouldn’t be so sure about that, Tito. Two managers have now come and gone since you left. You should move on too. I’m sure you will be soon anyway, considering you just cost your team a second straight chance at their first World Series win since 1948.

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