A Guide to Surviving the Off-Season

If you’re like me, life is only really worth living from April to October (sometimes September), also known as baseball season.

Once the final game of the season is over, even if it’s a World Series win, depression immediately sets in. You’re bored, uninspired, and waiting for spring.

It’s going to be easier living in California, since I can just spend the winter at the beach (sucks to suck, east coast), but I still miss my Red Sox desperately.

Here’s how to cope with months and months without baseball:

  1. Get into another sport. I’m at least trying to get into the Pats, Celtics, and Bruins. They’ll never hold a candle to the Sox, but they’re something for my eyeballs to look at.
  2. Let yourself mourn. I don’t make any effort to hide how miserable I am without baseball. And I talk about it all the time, all year long.
  3. Daydream. I’ll be rewatching David Ortiz home runs and World Series DVDs.
  4. Get ready for next season. Keep up with your team’s off-season moves, trades, prospects, and get excited.
  5. When all else fails, get drunk and pretend it’s 2004. 

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