Jimmy Garoppolo’s 49ers Debut Ruined By His New Fan Base

Football fans weren’t expecting to see Jimmy take the field this season with his new team, but in Sunday night’s game against the Seattle Seahawks, the newest member of the 49ers made a surprise debut. And San Francisco fans ruined it.

In case you missed it, starting QB C.J. Beathard got injured late in the 4th, prompting Jimmy G to come in to replace him. In his first official moments as a 49ers QB, Garoppolo threw two passes, including one touchdown pass to Louis Murphy. It was the first touchdown San Fran scored against Seattle in two games this season, but the whole moment was marred by 49ers fans cheering for Garoppolo to come in before an injured Beathard was even off the field.

San Francisco ended up losing to Seattle literally 67 seconds later, but the team seemed more upset about their fans’ behavior than the 24-13 loss. Safety Eric Reid said he was pissed off and “disappointed in our fans… that’s not right.” Rookie linebacker Reuben Foster said he thought “our fans are better than that,” so apparently he’s a rookie in more ways than one. (NESN)

Now, some people are saying that 49ers fans didn’t realize that Beathard was injured when he initially left the game. But teams don’t usually swap QBs with 67 seconds left in the game, even if they’re losing 24-6. I think it’s more that San Francisco fans kind of suck. I mean, just yesterday, I had a guy trolling me about Pablo Sandoval’s 3-Homer game in the 2012 World Series. Pablo Sandoval. It’s almost as if these fans don’t realize that their baseball team finished dead last and their football team is currently 1-10. I guess Jimmy Garoppolo is literally all they have to live for.

Beathard is expected to undergo an MRI today, so clearly it’s somewhat serious. I’m sure his fan base not giving a crap about him doesn’t make him feel any better.

Losing Jimmy G to San Francisco stung. The guy is uber-talented, handsome as hell, and was a popular and valued member of the Patriots, even if his talent was wasted in Brady’s kingdom. As a Jimmy G fangirl, I understand his appeal, trust me, 49ers fans. But being happy that your current QB is injured enough to require your new backup QB to enter the game? Gross. Stay classy, San Francisco.

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