Boston Gets Two More Years of Mitchy 2-Bags

FINALLY, a bit of good news for Boston. The Red Sox have re-signed Mitch Moreland through 2019. He’ll make $13 million over the next two years, plus incentives, a steal compared to Hosmer, Martinez, or Stanton.

I’ve been a huge Moreland fan since day 1, and a strong advocate for the Sox re-signing him. Need proof? I’ve got proof:

Despite playing on a broken toe for about a month, Moreland had a solid season. True to his nickname, Mitchy 2-Bags hit 34 doubles. He batted .246, hit 22 homers and had 79 RBIs.

In the Red Sox’s short-lived postseason run,┬áMoreland was one of the only effective players who made even the slightest dent against the Astros’ onslaught. He batted .385 and went 5-for-13, reaching base in 7 of 15 plate appearances. The man who has become beloved for his many doubles hit two doubles and had four runs scored in the four-game ALDS.

Over the past three seasons, Moreland’s numbers have remained largely consistent, and are projected to be similar in 2018.

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Just the other day, I wrote that I’d rather keep Moreland at first base instead of signing Eric Hosmer, and it looks like the Sox agree with me. The Phillies gave Carlos Santana a 3-year, $60 million dollar contract last week, which led many to speculate that Martinez and Hosmer would be able to ask for more money that anticipated. Perhaps the Sox didn’t feel that Hosmer is worth it, and are now making Martinez their sole focus.

No matter how you feel about Moreland, Hosmer, or any of these guys, I’m just so glad the Red Sox finally did something!

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