Padres Sign Eric Hosmer to an 8-Year Deal Because Some People Never Learn

Remember when people were saying that they wanted the Red Sox to sign JD Martinez or Eric Hosmer and they re-signed Mitch Moreland instead? I was thrilled, and now, after hearing the news that the San Diego Padres have reportedly signed Hosmer to an 8-year deal, I’m even happier.

Back in December, I wrote that the Red Sox should stick with Moreland instead of overpaying for Hosmer. Two days later, they did just that, signing Mitch Moreland to a two-year deal worth $13 million plus incentives. Now, exactly two months later, the San Diego Padres will be shelling out their largest contract in franchise history. Hosmer will take over at first base, sending current Padre Wil Myers to the outfield. Myers currently has the largest contract, though Hosmer’s 8-year deal far outstrips Myers’ six-year, $83 million.

Per Scott Miller, Eric Hosmer will make $20 million/year for the first five years of his contract. Should he choose not to opt out after five, he will then make $13 million for each of the three remaining years. There is also a $5 million signing bonus, making this a $144 million deal.

At 28 years old, Eric Hosmer has won a World Series and two pennants with Kansas City, as well as four Gold Gloves and playing as the 2016 All-Star first baseman. He’s finished the past three seasons with at least 18 homers and 93 RBIs. In his six major league seasons, he has strong career numbers, batting .284 with 127 home runs and 566 RBIs in 1,048 games. But those aren’t exactly 8-year deal numbers, at least, not for a team like the Boston Red Sox.

While Hosmer is clearly a strong player with great potential, I’m so glad the Red Sox didn’t give him this kind of deal. Long-term deals like his are risky, from both the player and financial angle. And not to be a snob (San Diego is BEAUTIFUL), but the Padres and Red Sox aren’t exactly on the same level. Signing Eric Hosmer is most likely their way of trying to finally begin assembling a World Series-worthy team; the SoCal franchise has won two National League pennants, but remain one of seven teams to have never won a World Series.

I, for one, am thrilled that the Red Sox have dodged this very overpriced bullet. I knew back in the fall that Eric Hosmer and JD Martinez wanted long-term contracts that were way above their worth, but this Padres deal goes beyond my wildest imaginations. It seems as though the Red Sox, by passing on Hosmer and in their reticence to give in to Martinez’s demands, are finally learning from their past free-agent mistakes.

World Series is back on, Boston.


2 thoughts on “Padres Sign Eric Hosmer to an 8-Year Deal Because Some People Never Learn

  1. Remember Brian Giles? Somehow he managed to be a 35 HR, 100 RBI guy in the black hole known as Pittsburgh in the late 90’s. Then he went to the Padres and suddenly became a 15 HR, 60 RBI guy. But, he had a great tan.

    Coming soon to a ballpark near you: Eric Hosmer starring in “Giles II – This time, he’s seriously overpaid”

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