Esteban Quiroz Shows Promise and Potential

JD Martinez isn’t the only new talent making a name for himself on the Red Sox this Spring Training. In just a few games, Esteban Quiroz has had quite an offensive impact. In one game, his 3-run homer in the 9th was the final nail in Tampa Bay’s coffin, the insult on top of the injury that was Boston’s 9-1 victory.

Due to his small stature and impressive statistics, Quiroz has been compared to Jose Altuve and new teammate Dustin Pedroia. In the last three seasons in the Mexican League, Quiroz never posted an OPS lower than .845 or batting average lower than .293, with his 2016 season seeing .335. In 2017, he hit 11 homers, 23 doubles, and 49 RBIs in just 89 games with the Leones de Yucatan. (per MassLive)

For a fan of the team that finished last in the American League in home runs last season, it’s thrilling to see these guys hitting. Quiroz is a helpful addition to a team that needs substitutes for a DL-ed Dustin Pedroia, though Quiroz’s Spring Training debut has also seen him play a successful stint in the outfield. Versatility, combined with bat power and a good work ethic makes for a strong utility player, and no one knows that better than new manager Alex Cora.

Quiroz was a minor league signing, but says that he’s ready to fight for a spot on the 40-man roster:

“Dating back to when I played in Mexico, I’m used to the fans not knowing who I am and having to prove myself that way. That experience, I know it’s going to help me now with the fans of Boston.”

He’s also been a fan of the Red Sox since he was a kid, and looks to Pedroia and fellow shorty Altuve as inspirations. Sox pitcher Hector Velazquez has also been a source of support during Quiroz’s transition to the Majors; the Red Sox signed him last season from the Mexican League. At just 25 years old, Quiroz could join Devers, Benintendi, and the rest of the young core. Hopefully, under the tutelage and guidance of Cora, they’ll grow into a powerful team, able to win another championship and destroy their rival Baby Bombers.

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