Hanley Ramirez had a Great Night On and Off the Field

Hanley Ramirez had quite the game tonight, but it was his pre and postgame activity that really should be commended.

What might’ve looked to some like a victory striptease was actually a very sweet gesture from the power-hitter. Before the game, Ramirez promised a young sick fan his jersey if he hit a home run.

In the 5th inning, Ramirez ripped a powerful 2-run homer, extending Boston’s lead to 5-1 and igniting the small crowd at Marlins Park, overwhelmingly populated with members of Red Sox Nation. It was his first homer of the regular season, and helped propel the team to their 4th straight win, a 7-3 victory.

After the game, Ramirez kept his promise, literally giving the young fan the shirt off his back. He later told reporters, “I told him, if I hit a homer, I’ll give you my jersey. So that’s God. I hit that homer.”

Sound familiar? David Ortiz made a similar promise to a young fan named Maverick a few year’s back. Looks like having his friend and mentor in the stands tonight inspired Hanley in all the best ways.

Here’s to a season full of home runs and heartfelt moments.

Photo: Red Sox twitter

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