No Offense?

After seven games where we saw the offense staying relatively quiet, I started writing an article about offensive problems carrying over from last season. 

After today, I’m not so sure.

In case you missed it, the Red Sox had quite the Saturday, winning 10-3 in just 3 hours. They’re now 7-1 to start the season, their best starting record since 1920.

Despite giving up 2 runs in the 1st (3 overall), Rick Porcello settled in and became the first starter this season to last into the 8th inning. His Rays counterpart Jake Faria didn’t even last a full two once the Red Sox bats got started.

And his offense provided him with ample run support. And by ample, I mean that Xander Bogaerts had 6 RBIs by the SECOND INNING. The player fondly known as ‘X’ is 11 for 24 and leads the league in doubles with 7 in 8 games.

And the same Xander Bogaerts hit a grand slam in said second inning, the first by a Red Sox player since September 24, 2016. Bogaerts’ ball went 425 feet, leaving the left field behind and landing on Lansdowne.

Salamis eluded the team for the entirety of the 2017 season, and they finished last in the AL in home runs. This year, they’ve got one grand slam in the books in week 2.

But wait! There’s more! Not content to continue driving in runs with RBI singles – though he did have one of those, too – JD Martinez finally hit his first home run as a Red Sock. And it was an absolute blast, soaring 420 feet with an exit velocity of 109.4. It was unnecessary score-wise, their 9th run scored, but a major relief to the fans and likely, Dave Dombrowski, who will be shelling out $110 million to the slugger over the next five years.

The team’s resident child prodigy Rafael Devers also hit a home run in the 7th, his second of the season. He went 2-for-3 and also had 2 RBIs.

It’s funny how baseball works. I spent all of last season infuriated with this team for their seemingly laissez-faire attitude. This year, with the exception of new addition JD Martinez, the team is unchanged, yet they seem completely different. They’re happy, they’re scoring, they’re winning. And from the outsider’s perspective, they feel different, too. I believe in this team, and I think they’re just going to get better.

Photo: Boston Globe

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