Winners & Losers: Sox vs. Yankees, Series 1

Well, the first Red Sox-Yankees series of the season has come and gone, and as expected, it was a doozy. Big hits, strong pitching, and a minor scuffle that resulted in numerous ejections and suspensions for both teams. The rivalry is up and running.

Here are your series winners and losers, though the Sox did emerge victorious!


  • Mookie Betts had the team’s second grand slam of the season and went 4-4 in Wednesday’s game
  • JD Martinez hit his first grand slam in a Sox uni, the team’s 3rd of the week!
  • Joe Kelly kicked ass and had his teammate’s back
  • Rick “Rain Delay” Porcello pitched 7 shutout innings and came this close to a No-No
  • The Red Sox starters, who improved to 7-1 with a 2.01 ERA
  • Aaron Judge had the Yankees’ only run of game 1, a homer off Chris Sale, and he showed major class keeping Joe Kelly from getting bludgeoned to death by his Psychopath teammate Austin
  • Alex Cora deftly managed his way through his first rivalry series, in which his team outscored the Yankees, 27-14
  • The Red Sox, for having each other’s backs
  • The Red Sox, for scoring a (Boston)strong 27 runs over 3 games
  • The Red Sox, for going 10-2 this season
  • The Red Sox, for winning the series 2-1


  • Rafael Devers had 2 errors in G3 and generally showed his age with his defensive inexperience
  • Tyler Austin is definitely on something and felt the need to start a measuring contest with Kelly instead of taking his base like a normal person
  • David Price lasted a career-shortest 1 innings in his third start of the season. Here’s hoping he’s back in fighting form ASAP
  • Heath Hembree for not drilling Austin in his 1st AB after the dirty slide and spike
  • Marcus Walden gave up 3 runs in the 9th to ruin a shutout game
  • Sonny Gray beaned Hanley in the 1st but then giving up a million runs
  • Aaron Boone definitely came away as the worse of the two new team managers
  • The Yankees, for losing 14-1
  • The Yankees, for being 6-7 this season
  • The Yankees, for being under .500
  • The Yankees, for losing the series

Photo: NY Times

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