JD Martinez is Right at Home at Fenway

At the end of every winning Red Sox home game, “Dirty Water” blares out of the Fenway speakers, and fans sing along, “Boston, you’re my home!”

And the team’s newest member is probably singing along, too. JD Martinez is hitting unbelievably well at Fenway. 33 of his 52 RBIs have been at home, too. His batting average, overall .318, is a much higher .352 at home.┬áThirteen of his twenty homers have been at home, the 20th coming early in Tuesday’s game against his own former team, the Detroit Tigers. For reference, no Sox player had more than 10 last season, and most of them weren’t new to the team.

In less than two seasons, Martinez has played for three teams across both leagues: the Detroit Tigers and Arizona Diamondbacks last year, now the Sox. Between his split 2017 season and this current season, he played about 60 games with each team, and his batting average is highest in Boston. His HR and RBI numbers are still higher with Arizona, but I’m confident that will change soon. He’s made himself right at home in Boston.

Photo: Billie Weiss

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