JD Martinez Has More Home Runs Than Everyone (AGAIN)

Last night, JD Martinez hit his 25th homer of the season, and it was a pretty big deal. How big? Let me count the ways:

  1. With last night being game #81 of the season, the Red Sox are officially halfway through 2018. This means that JD is on pace to hit 50 homers this year.
  2. Last season, no Red Sox player hit 25 homers all season. Mookie Betts led the team with 24. Halfway through this season, Martinez already has him beat.
  3. Speaking of last season, JD spent half of it with the Tigers before being traded to the Diamondbacks. Between the two teams, he hit 45 homers in just 119 games.
  4. He is the 1st Red Sox since Ted Williams to have more HR at the All-Star break than any member of the team had in the previous season. (per Red Sox Notes)
  5. JD is the 7th Sox player ever to hit 25 home runs in the team’s first 81 games
  6. BUT with his 3-run homer last night, JD set a new franchise record for most home runs by a Sox hitter through the end of June (and the month isn’t even over!)

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Photo: BJ Weiss/Red Sox

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