I Don’t Want Chris Sale Pitching Against the Yankees

Clickbait title? Yes.

But hear me out, because technically, the headline is really how I feel.

No one wants Chris Sale on the DL. Everyone wants Chris Sale destroying the Yankees lineup. That much Red Sox Nation can agree on unanimously.

Sale was named AL Pitcher of the Month for both June and July, an honor only won back-to-back by one other Red Sox pitcher, Pedro Martinez in 1999. He has a 2.04 ERA this season, and 66 Yankee strikeouts. Against Sale, the Yanks are only batting a collective .199 with a .500 OPS. Judge is the only player to have homered off him, and he’s also on the DL.

Unfortunately, Sale is taking a few extra days rest due to shoulder inflammation. No Yankee destruction for him this weekend.

But I’d rather have Chris Sale miss a single Yankees start than the alternatives: he pitches injured, gets shelled, team and fan morale take massive hits, and worst of all, he injures himself further and we lose him for longer. You’d be crazy to disagree.

Am I nervous for this series? Definitely. Our pitching rotation looks infinitely weaker without Sale and fellow-DL-er ERod. Our offense has been sleepy at best since the All-Star break.

The Red Sox have a chance to make serious headway in the standings this weekend. Chris Sale would’ve been a huge part of that, but the team will have to do it without him. Hopefully, the home field advantage will be just that, and the intensity of Red Sox Nation will be enough to make up the difference.

Photo: Boston Herald

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