A Love Letter to My History-Making Boston Red Sox

It’s been a historic season for the Red Sox in so many ways. They hired their first Latino manager, Alex Cora, who has now led them through their best season ever. No, that’s not hyperbole; as of tonight, the Red Sox have sole possession of the best record in MLB and have won more games this season than any other season in franchise history. With five games to go, the Sox are now 106-51, breaking a record that has stood since Fenway’s inaugural season, over one-hundred years ago.

They won the World Series that year, in case you were wondering.

But there’s still so much more to look forward to this week before the regular season wraps up. Chris Sale will return to beat the dead horse that is the 111-loss Baltimore Orioles. JD Martinez is one homer shy of tying Dick Stuart for most home runs in their first season with the club. Xander Bogaerts will hopefully reach 100 RBIs by the end of the week (he currently sits at 96.) And Mookie Betts is a stolen base away from becoming the second 30-30 player in franchise history (Jacoby Ellsbury was the first.) And that’s all before the postseason even begins.

But I don’t want to think about the future right now. The future is unknown and scary. It’s filled with menacing American League teams and stressful late-inning bullpen scenarios. And when you focus on the future too much, you lose sight of the now. Alex Cora has often downplayed big moments throughout the season and maintained that they have their eyes on the biggest prize, but said tonight that he wanted to just take a time-out from the team’s postseason aspirations to just appreciate what they’ve accomplished this season.

As well they should. We all should.

There’s the old adage that today is a gift, and that’s why we call it the present, and it might be cheesy, but it’s definitely true. I want to remember how I feel about this team right now: it’s pure joy, like the first spring day in Boston when you can drive with the windows down and feel a warm breeze on your skin that’s been encased in wool sweaters all winter. I want to preserve this moment for myself, so I’ll always remember how utterly in love with this team I am. How happy they’ve made me when the rest of my life is a mess. They allow me to be a part of something bigger than myself. They helped me find my voice and be brave enough to share it with the world. In the midst of personal heartbreak, they’ve distracted and uplifted me. They give me a reason to smile and to cry happy tears, instead of the sad ones that have filled my eyes lately. The Red Sox let me believe in magic and miracles; anything, anything is possible.

So thank you from the deepest catacombs of my heart and soul, Red Sox, for what has been an utterly magical season so far. For my entire life, this season, this night, and every single one of these ONE-HUNDRED-AND-SIX WINS. I love you.

Photo: BJ Weiss/Red Sox

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