One day, when I’m more sane, calm, and collected, I’ll try to write something coherent about this night.

The night we became champions of the world.

I’ll write about how David Price held the Dodgers to one run on three hits over seven innings, going from postseason redemption straight into postseason legend.

How Mookie Betts and JD Martinez woke up just in time to hit homers.

How our MVP Steve Pearce hit two.

How Joe Kelly and his 0.00 ERA bridged the gap in the 8th.

And how Chris Sale struck out the side to finish this game, bring Manny Machado to his knees with a strikeout that cemented the 2018 Red Sox as champions.

I’ll write about how my body started shaking around the 7th, and how I started crying at the last strike, and still haven’t stopped. I may never stop smiling, either.

When I moved here to Los Angeles, no one could believe I was leaving my team. I could barely believe it myself. Being apart from them has been hell. But barely a year later, they’re here with me for the best possible reason.

We knew this team was special. We knew they were warriors. We knew they had what it takes to get here. You could just feel it; even during the tough games, it was never over.

And now, here we are. Champions for the fourth time in fourteen years. A dynasty. The most spectacular franchise with the best fans and the most beautiful ballpark in the greatest city in the world. You couldn’t ask for more out of life.

My heart is so full. It feels like it’s been bursting, overflowing for weeks. But it never empties. And it belongs to this team. My Red Sox. My champions.

Thank you for this season. For this postseason. For this night.

I love you.

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