Keep Brock in Boston

This morning, I heard rumors that the Red Sox would consider trading Brock Holt to free up a little space in the payroll. Emphasis on little, as Holt is only expected to get about $3.5 million in arbitration this year.

Regardless, this would be a huge mistake. Brock Holt’s value far exceeds his paycheck. Aside from the obvious fact that he is the father of the cutest baby in the world, here’s why Boston needs Brock Holt:

5. He’s captain of the Jimmy Fund

Brock Holt has been captain or co-captain of the Jimmy Fund since he came to Boston in 2013. He’s always up for a day of doing good, and he inspires his teammates to be charitable and giving, too. It’s why he was nominated for the Roberto Clemente Award this year, and one of the reasons he’s such a good fit for this team. The Red Sox are a better team when they’re made up of good human beings, and not just good athletes.

4. He plays 2nd base

While Holt is technically a utility infielder, he played a lot of second base this year, since Dustin Pedroia only appeared in three games, and Ian Kinsler didn’t appear until midseason. Fellow utility man Eduardo Nuñez has openly admitted that he knows he’s better at 3rd, and well, he’s not wrong. So with Kinsler gone to San Diego and Pedroia’s future uncertain, getting rid of Brock Holt just to shave a couple mil off the payroll seems beyond foolish.

3. He had a great season

After a concussion destroyed most of his 2016 and 2017 seasons, Brock Holt came back in a big way this year, especially in September and October, when it mattered most. 4 of his 7 regular season home runs came in September.

In Game 3 of the ALDS, the only game he appeared in that series, he became the first player in MLB history to hit for the cycle in a postseason game. He also contributed in the ALCS and World Series, in which he had three runs scored, a double, and a stolen base. He’s never going to be a David Ortiz (no one is, honestly), but like his teammate and friend Jackie Bradley Jr., he turned out to be pretty clutch when we needed him.

2. Griffin Holt

As president and founder of the Griffin Holt Fan Club, it would break my heart to see this precious kid grow up with another franchise. He’s also already a better hitter than at least 60% of MLB batters, so I’d love for the Red Sox to not only keep Papa Holt, but sign Baby Brock to a lifetime contract, too.

Relive all the best Brock and Griffin moments (link)

1. He’s an amazing teammate

With players like Addison Russell out there existing, I place value on my team being chock-full of good guys now more than ever. And you can ask around, but I don’t think you’ll find a better teammate than Brock Holt.

If I was on this Red Sox dream (a girl can dream), I’d be so excited to have a big hit or catch because I’d know Brock Holt was rooting for me. Just watch him hug JD Martinez after every one of his 43 home runs. Brock Holt is the perfect combination of Hype Man, Rally Dad, cheerleader, and pure golden sunshine, mixed together to make the most supportive teammate ever. Please don’t take my sunshine away, Red Sox.

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