Stories Around the League

I read dozens of baseball stories and articles every day, so I thought I’d start linking to some of my favorites in a weekly roundup!

When it comes to Domestic Violence, the NFL is pretty much a flaming dumpster full of hypocrisy. My pal Jon Helmkamp writes about their latest in a series of disappointing and disgusting decisions.

David Ortiz is still recovering from now three surgeries after being ambushed and shot in his home country in early June. The story keeps changing about how the beloved baseball icon could end up in this situation, so Sports Illustrated sent Danny Gold down to the Dominican Republic in search of answers. Instead, he found more questions.

MLB announced that in 2020, the White Sox and Yankees will play one of their games at the famed Field of Dreams in Iowa, and people have a lot of feelings about it. If you’re a nostalgic emotional person like me, you’re already crying.

Photo: Gregory Fisher/USA Today Sports

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