Lasting Impact

The Red Sox never play particularly well on Players Weekend (or most of this season), but Sox fans will have something special to look forward to this year.

On the weekend that’s all about players expressing themselves, Sox star and reigning AL MVP Mookie Betts will be paying tribute to his mentor, Boston icon David Ortiz.

MLB announced today that Mookie will be wearing custom cleats in honor of Big Papi, who is currently recovering after being gunned down in the Dominican Republic in early June. He required three surgeries and is still receiving round-the-clock medical care. The attack on the beloved hero stunned the baseball community.

David Ortiz was the unofficial captain of the Sox for years, and his immense love for the city, the Sox, and all of us is evident. He was and remains a consummate team leader who took it upon himself to mentor young players like Mookie. He has been open about how much Pedro’s mentorship influenced the kind of player and human he became, and how important it was for him to do the same for young players like Mookie and Hanley Ramirez. He continues to be very involved in the organization, mentoring young players who join the team. For this reason and countless others, he’s more beloved in the region than maybe anyone in its history.

It’s really great to see Mookie paying tribute to Papi as he recovers. Maybe the Sox will even win a game for him.

Photo: Gold Medal Impressions

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