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I read dozens of baseball stories and articles every day, so I thought I’d start linking to some of my favorites in the occasional roundup!

Marc Carig‘s telling of the 2009 Under-18 U.S. National Team that won the Pan-Am junior world championships needs to be a movie. I got chills reading this. Who knows, maybe I’ll write the script. Someone has to; this story is incredible.

Tigers minor leaguer Chace Numata tragically passed away earlier this month, but his impact on this world will live on in a remarkable way, as his organs were able to be used to save five lives.


I refuse to believe free-agent pitching legend Bartolo “Big Sexy” Colon is just going to fade out of baseball. But since he went unsigned this season, he’s been living his best life posing for pictures on yachts like an Instagram model and crashing kids’ pick-up baseball games.

Football is so flipping unhealthy. Can we stop pretending otherwise? This piece on Calvin Johnson is just the latest in a string of shocking stories from retired stars including Andrew Luck and Rob Gronkowski.

Mookie Betts on Thursday missed his fifth straight game.

I’d be shocked if Mookie Betts decides to continue playing in Boston when he reaches free agency in 2020. Everything he says just sounds hollow, priming for when he departs for greener ($$$) pastures. The Sox should trade him for a bunch of talent before he embarrasses them by turning down another extension offer and leaving of his own volition.

When athletes speak out about their struggles, especially with mental health, it reminds us that we’re not alone. It is so important. I applaud Danny Duffy for being the latest to be brave enough to be vulnerable with the world.

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