Reunited and it Feels So…

This one hurts. It’s the ultimate ‘Michael Scott smiling through his tears’ gif moment, the Bittersweet Symphony, this life.

Mookie and Brock reunited for a Spring Training game, and posed for a photo together that has Red Sox fans in their feelings.

I don’t know what hurts most, seeing them together, yet so far away from where they belong, or seeing them not wearing Red Sox uniform. Probably, as Rascal Flatts sang, “What hurts the most,” is knowing that these two should both still be on the Red Sox, and for very different, inexcusable reasons, are now gone.

This feels like a knife to the heart, but I’m comforted to see them smiling and reunited, and I’m so looking forward to rooting for both of them for the rest of their careers. The Red Sox’ immense losses are the Dodgers’ and Brewers’ gains.

Photo: Cut4

One thought on “Reunited and it Feels So…

  1. My mind was singing the song as I started reading the article. I am absolutely disgusted with both Mookie and the Red Sox for not getting a deal done. Mookie is not getting 420 million and the Red Sox lost a Hall of Famer in the middle of his career. And Brock, that was the most ridiculous move in history. Why would you keep a rule five player and give up not only a fantastic ball player, but one of the heart and souls of the Red Sox!!

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