This Red Sox Team is a Rollercoaster I Did Not Sign Up to Ride

So here I am again, about to write yet another post about how weird and inconsistent this team is. Why should today be any different, right? They’ve been in first place for a majority of the season, and they’ve lost so many games. Talk about being all over the place. After last night’s loss to the Toronto Blue Jays, I don’t even really have any emotions. This season has tired me out and exhausted my ability to feel.

Fresh off back-to-back series sweeps, an 8-1 road trip, and a 6-game winning streak, the Red Sox managed to blow their first of a 7-game homestand at the time of year when wins matter most. But in now-typical Red Sox fashion, the loss wasn’t a complete loss. 

Drew Pomeranz, who has been exceptional since May, had 0 K’s and gave up five runs in the first two innings. It was his shortest start of the season, which is really saying something considering he was averaging less than four innings in the spring. Farrell actually pulled his starter after he allowed 5 runs on 7 hits and 1 walk over two-plus innings. Not so *smooth*…

The offense wasn’t golden, either. In his return to the lineup, Eduardo Nuñez had a double in the first, but then left the game with yet another injury. He’d been out since September 9th with a right knee injury, and after limping back to the dugout, Farrell removed him from the game. Mookie Betts left the game with an apparent wrist injury, though not before doing some damage to Toronto’s lead. 

Despite the loss, it was a momentous offensive night for a few Sox players. Mookie Betts picked up his 100 and 101st RBIs in the 2nd and 5th innings, putting him in the record books alongside Ted Williams. They’re the only two players in franchise history with 100+ RBI in consecutive seasons before turning 25. Congrats, Mookie! 

Andrew Benintendi also continued to be an AL Rookie of the Year dark horse, with a pinch-hitting 20th homer of the season. Aaron Judge probably has ROY locked down, since he hit his 50th homer yesterday, but fuck the Yankees. 

The defense looked strong at times, too, with Devers, Marrero, and Vazquez making absolutely golden moves to keep the Blue Jays from adding to their six runs. Vazquez has an arm like an absolute cannon, and young Devers is learning the ropes of the diamond. 

At the end of the night, however, the Red Sox trudged off the field having lost 6-4. It was weird to see a game with strong offensive and defensive work from a team that has been so blah in both respects for much of the season. It’s even weirder to see it on a night when they lose. But at this point, I can’t keep asking myself or the universe what the deal is with this team. It’s better just to watch, root, tweet, and pray for a better game tonight. 

Chris Sale takes the mound tonight at 7 PM, EST. He’s the only pitcher in the league with 300 K’s, 37 more than any other MLB pitcher. In three starts against the Toronto Blue Jays this season, he’s only allowed 11 hits and 2 walks while going 2-0 with 35 K’s in 22 scoreless innings.

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