My Heart is Back in Baseball

I feel like I’ve been complaining about the Red Sox since last opening day. I’m not happy about it, but it’s not like they’ve given me many reasons to be excited.

But a few nights ago, something shifted. Maybe it’s because pitchers and catchers report today, or maybe it’s because I’m actually fine with JD Martinez not signing the contract he doesn’t deserve. Or maybe I’m just in the Valentine’s Day spirit. Maybe I just don’t want to be so damn negative this season about something I love so much. Whatever the reason, I’m excited for baseball. I’m in the right head space, my mood has shifted, and god damn, do I love the Boston Red Sox.

Alex Cora has the potential to be a great manager. The Red Sox still have a young, talented team. If JD Martinez doesn’t sign, we still have until the trade deadline to make roster changes if they become necessary. The Red Sox might not have a Giancarlo or an Altuve, but historically, those kinds of big players haven’t panned out for us, anyway. So why should we want to waste our money? In Boston, the best players are developed, not bought. Just look at Ted Williams, Yaz, and Papi. All my worries about this team seem small now, and I’m just… excited.

I watched Fever Pitch the other night, and then I decided to watch the 2013 World Series film. Pretty typical night for me, I admit, but this time, instead of focusing on the past, I allowed these great moments to inspire me to look forward with hope. I’m excited to walk down Yawkey Way, to hear the roar of the crowds at Fenway Park, to sit in the hard red seats and gaze upon the Green Monster, to sing ‘Sweet Caroline’ and ‘Shipping Up To Boston,’ all of it.

I hope that this season can be about the game. Not about money or analytics, but just a fun, happy team playing in the most beautiful ballpark in the world. My heart is finally in it, and I’m so grateful and happy about it. Let’s go, Red Sox!

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*Photo: Fever Pitch

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