Red Sox Restructuring Martinez Contract After Physical

Let’s get this out of the way right now: JD Martinez is fine. He’s not dying, he’s healthy, he will play for the Red Sox this season.

That being said, the reason that the Red Sox have yet to announce what we all already know is because Martinez’s physical revealed a potential medical issue that could be problematic in the future. The key words there being “potential” and “could be,” by no means anything about which to work ourselves into a panic.

Martinez had an elbow injury in 2016 and missed the first five weeks of last season due to a foot injury. He still hit 45 homers and had 104 RBIs with a .303 average, production value that could bolster a lackluster Boston lineup. It is unclear whether either of these prior injuries flagged during the physical, or if it’s something else entirely.

Both sides are cooperating, though there is no information as to exactly when this will be resolved. The Red Sox are said to have full confidence that Martinez will “play at full strength” this season. (

In summation: nothing to fret about. You can now get back to enjoying your Sunday.

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