A’s No-Hit Red Sox for First Time in 25 Years

Not a great weekend for Boston sports. The Celtics lost last night, the Bruins this afternoon, and now Red Sox makes three. And what a loss it was; for the first time in 25 years, they were no-hit by the Oakland A’s. It’s the 12th no-hit in our franchise’s history.

In a coincidence perfectly befitting the best and weirdest franchise in MLB, the last time the Red Sox were no-hit was April 22, 1993. That’s right: they couldn’t stick it out one more day to make it exactly 25 years. I wasn’t born until June 4 of that year, and I’ve got to say, I did not enjoy my first no-hit game.

The Red Sox had the second-longest no-hit streak in MLB, second only to… the Oakland A’s themselves.

Andrew Benintendi almost ruined the night for the A’s in the 6th, when he hit a grounder up the first-base line. He was initially ruled safe, but the umpire crew ultimately decided to reverse the ruling, saying he’d run outside of the baseline.

Props to Sean Manaea, who, at 26 years old, shut down a Red Sox offense that hit 13 home runs in their last 4 games and swept both the Orioles and Angels this week. It’s always thrilling to see dominant pitching, though I’d prefer if next time, he does it against say, the Yankees.

Photo: New York Post

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