White Sox Pitcher Danny Farquhar has Brain Hemorrhage in Dugout

It’s often easy to forget that the people we look up to, even idolize, are fellow human beings. Because of their professions and the skills they have, it is always particularly shocking when athletes go through what we consider to be “human” ordeals. It almost seems impossible that people who can do what they do can also fall victim to the misfortunes that plague us mere mortals.

This weekend, the sports world was rocked by the news that White Sox reliever Danny Farquhar suffered a brain hemorrhage in the 6th inning of their Friday night game. He’d just thrown 15 pitches to get the last two outs of the inning before he passed out in the dugout. Team medical personnel and ballpark EMTs attended to him until an ambulance could take him to the hospital. Additional testing revealed that the brain bleed was caused by a ruptured aneurysm. He is listed in critical but stable condition.


In situations like these, you have to appreciate how much pressure athletes put on themselves to perform, and how fragile even the strongest-looking among us truly are. They might be playing games for a living, but they’re pushing themselves beyond the limits every day. Farquhar’s teammate James Shield told the Chicago Tribune, “It crushes us in this clubhouse… Nothing really matters baseball-wise when something like that happens,” and he’s exactly right.

Our prayers for a full and fast recovery to Danny Farquhar and his family.

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