Buck Showalter Is So Over It

After losing to the Red Sox for the sixth time in seven games over two series, Buck Showalter looks even more miserable than his usual unhappy self. I even put out a tweet asking if he ever smiles, and someone responded with a photo of him smiling from “page 3 of the Google Image search.” That’s how hard it was for him to find a smiling shot.

Despite actually winning one game (after losing 13 straight), the Orioles can’t get it together. And we all know that their star, Manny Machado, will be gone soon, leaving them in more dire straights than ever. That’s hard to even fathom, considering on average, they lose by 4 runs. They’re already last in the division, 17.5 games out of first, and have a dismal 14-32 record. That’s right: they’ve actually lost more than two times the number of games they’ve won.

Part of this is just the basic fact that the Orioles haven’t been a great team for a long time.¬†They haven’t made it to the postseason since their appearance in the 2016 Wild Card game, which they lost, and their last pennant victory was back in 1983. They’ve won the division once in the last twenty years.

But perhaps the saddest part is just how over it manager Buck Showalter is. In 9 seasons managing the Orioles, he’s 636-600. He seems like he’s totally running on empty, with zero f’s left to give. In Thursday’s game, after starter Kevin Gausman gave up a home run to Xander Bogaerts on his 100th pitch, Showalter didn’t even wait for X to finish running the bases before storming the field to take his starter out of the game. He left the dugout as X rounded second, and as he rounded third, Showalter actually walked in front of his path on his way to the mound.

The intermittent rain throughout the 4-game series (including Thursday’s makeup game from Marathon Monday) only added to the dark humor of Showalter’s blatant misery. He just looks like he wishes he could fast-forward through every game, maybe even the season in its entirety. After all, things might not get worse, but they don’t seem like they’re going to get much better for Baltimore.

Photo: Sports On Earth

2 thoughts on “Buck Showalter Is So Over It

  1. “Had a wife and kids in Baltimore, Jack
    I went out for a ride and I never went back…” ` Hungry Heart, Bruce Springsteen

    How close do you think Showalter is to hopping in his car and driving until Baltimore disappears from his rear-view mirror?

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