Brewers Pitcher Vomits on Mound TWICE, Finishes Inning

Milwaukee Brewers reliever Adrian Houser was the definition of mind over body on Sunday. Facing off against the Philadelphia Phillies, he gave up one run on two hits. He also gave up the contents of his stomach not once, but twice in the inning.

Houser’s illness was likely a mixture of not eating enough, heat, nerves, as the 25-year-old had been called up from Triple-A Colorado Springs that morning. It was 92 degrees in Milwaukee on Sunday, much warmer than Colorado, and Houser had been traveling, arriving in time for the game. This was only his fifth Major League appearance since 2015; he last pitched against the Mets on May 26.

Even though the Brewers ended up losing to the Phillies, 10-9, Houser’s commitment to staying in the game is quite impressive. His manager Craig Counsell said he’d never seen a pitcher vomit on the mound, while Phillies manager Gabe Kapler said he has “a lot of respect for anybody who would step behind the mound and throw up and step back on the mound and pitch.”

Photo: Getty Images

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