Mike Trout is On Pace to Take Down Babe Ruth this Season

Despite still trailing behind Mookie Betts in batting average, Mike Trout is on pace for the best season of his career. Since the beginning of June, he’s batting .439/.535/.772, leading the league in homers (23), runs (60), a career-high on-base percentage (.464), and OPS (1.152), to name a few.

Unfortunately for Trout, who’s playing some of the best baseball ever seen, his team can’t stop losing. They’re barely keeping their heads above water with a 38-35 record, on pace to win fewer than 80 games. According to Baseball Prospectus, their current chance at a playoff run is less than 10%.

The only winner to emerge from this scenario will be Trout, who is on pace to break a record for Most WAR in a single season by a position player. The current record-holder? George Herman Ruth in 1923. That’s right: no one has ever come close to breaking the Great Bambino’s record in ninety-five years. Who’s in second place? That would again be The Babe, his 1921 season WAR of 12.9.

Trout is currently on pace for 14.4 WAR, and may finally take down Babe Ruth, accomplishing something only Carl Yastrzemski has ever come close to; he had a 12.5 WAR in 1967.

Someone put him on a winning team, stat. Trout is a big fish (pun intended) who deserves a better pond.


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