Only Optimism

I’m often realistic about the Red Sox to the point of being called a pessimist. But I’ve learned from experience that if you expect nothing, you’re less likely to be disappointed. And considering how strongly I feel about the Sox, I’d rather avoid heartbreak as much as possible.

So if you know me, you’re probably expecting this to be a piece on how Kimbrel was a disaster last night, or how we can’t possibly overcome the Astros in the ALCS. But today, you’re wrong. Maybe it’s the high of beating the Yankees on their own field, or the beautiful California sunshine, but I’m feeling nothing but positivity today.

We just won the ALDS, and aside from Game 2, our team just played a spectacular postseason series. Alex Cora out-managed Aaron Boone. The Red Sox trounced the Yankees, outscoring them 20-4 in the last two games. Our midseason acquisitions Ian Kinsler, Steve Pearce, and especially Nathan Eovaldi, paid off in spades when we needed them the most. And even without Steven Wright, our bullpen, the most worrisome and unreliable part of this team, managed a 2.45 ERA in 14 2/3 innings in the series.

No matter what happens, we just beat the Yankees and won the ALDS. And if we can’t beat the Astros, we’ll rebuild our bullpen during the off-season and come back even stronger next year. Stronger than 108 wins, our third consecutive division title, and an ALDS series victory. Imagine that.

Don’t worry, be happy.

Photo: Red Sox Twitter

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