This Video is the Best Part of October Baseball So Far

We have four of the best teams baseball has ever seen competing for the ultimate glory. We have Christian Yelich, JD Martinez, and Alex Bregman displaying rare feats of next-level athleticism. In short: it’s an amazing time to be a baseball fan.

But are they the best part of postseason baseball? Not this week, because Fox Sports got cute and released a hilariously nostalgic Ferris Bueller remake, ‘Walker Buehler’s Play Off,’ in honor of Dodgers pitcher Walker Buehler, who’s so in for moniker jokes that his twitter handle is @buehlersdayoff.

Along with a handful of Brewers and Dodgers players, FS1 recruited Ben Stein to reprise his role as teacher-with-most-monotone-voice-ever:

And here’s the original:

ALCS Game 3: today at 5 PM EST/2 PM PST

NLCS Game 4: tonight at 9 PM EST/6 PM PST


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