Not Done Yet

I can’t believe I get to write these words:

The Red Sox have won the American League Championship Series.

The Red Sox are going to the World Series.

But before we talk about that, we have to talk about last night, because, and I can’t believe I’m writing this either, David Price deserves the utmost praise.

Let me start off by saying that I am thrilled for him. I even tweeted pre-game that he would pitch a gem, and he did! This is what we’ve wanted to see from David Price since day 1, and I’m sure he’s wanted to deliver. Last night, he finally did, in spades. Honestly, I had tears in my eyes watching him pitch and then seeing him celebrate after. He looked so incredibly happy.

Last night, David Price was everything we’ve always hoped he would be and more. He came into a high-stress postseason situation, and absolutely dominated one of the best teams in baseball. Watching him pitch, you’d never know that he was 0-9 in 11 postseason starts going into this game. You’d be surprised to find out that he spent a good two innings throwing in the bullpen last night. You’d never guess that he was pitching on just three days rest. David Price looked right.

It was undoubtedly the best postseason performance of his career, and one of the best I’ve seen, period. Price shut out the Astros for six full innings, walking none and only giving up three hits. He struck out nine, a new career postseason high. Facing off against Justin Verlander, one of the best pitchers of this generation, David Price emerged victorious. A moment of redemption hard-fought for and well-deserved.

With JD Martinez and Rafael Devers driving in solo and 3-run homers respectively, the Red Sox had a somewhat commanding lead. It wasn’t exactly a hit parade for either team; the Sox were held to 8 hits, the Astros to 5. Houston’s only run came on a solo homer by Marwin Gonzalez, the first and only run Matt Barnes has allowed all postseason.

In the end, Craig Kimbrel came out to redeem himself after last night’s heart-attack inducing 6-out save. And history nearly repeated itself, as Kimbrel walked a batter and then threw a pitch that was blasted into the outfield… straight to Andrew Benintendi, who made the game-winning catch for the second night in a row. And just like that, the Red Sox were champions of the American League.

And on Alex Cora’s birthday, no less. What a night.

I have to admit, I was a mixture of totally calm, and completely frazzled throughout the game. But deep down, I think I knew the Red Sox were going to win this series; I think I’ve known that since I watched them win at home on Sunday night. I think they’re going to win it all.

This team is so special. They are a family. They love one another. They root for each other. They support each other. They lift each other up. They make each other better. For all those reasons and so many more, they won more games than any Red Sox team ever. That’s why they’re going to the World Series. And that’s why I love them so much.

World Series. Here. We. Come.

Photo: Red Sox Instagram

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